Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted and reputed production house aimed to create brilliance and excellence in story telling , present an incredible visual experience for the audience and open opportunities for talent to collaborate and co-create magic on screen.

Our aim is to create an ambiance where creativity thrives in a strong well-established, trusted and credible structure giving the perfect platform for creative minds to realize their dreams and positively contribute to film industry with fresh perspective and innovative ideas that has global reach

We want to create commercially viable projects without compromising on creative freedom under expert guidance and support.

Our Mission

UMF aims to change how industry operates and bring in more structure, ease and governance for individuals & company’s to collaborate, create and thrive.

Passionate about nurturing and grooming the next generation of talents by providing them opportunities to intern and learn with umf in all areas of movie making process and providing launch pad to create a space for themselves in the industry.

Focus is to bring the best in the industry and create a collaborative platform for their dreams to turn into commercially successful venture

Aims to produce ambitious high-quality cinema and expand the reach to pan india.







Promotion Consultant | Celebrity Management | Strategy | 10G Media

Team consists of young, energized and budding talents eager to succeed and bring fresh perspective to story telling.

UMF has strategy in place to nurture upcoming talents and provide internship to learn, grow and thrive and build a team and talent pool of ambitious and talented resources and build capability to deliver superior quality work.

UMF will continue to collaborate with reputed directors. Writers and established stars to produce commercially successful and viable movies

Teams are encouraged to focus on Ideation of great concepts and scripts and creation of story board and execution plan under the mentorship and guidance of Unni Mukundan to create an environment of learning and pushing boundaries.

Our Culture

At UMF, we nurture an environment of mutual trust, respect and integrity

Establishing safe , secure and transparent ecosystem for teams to learn, grow, thrive and create content by combining strong narratives with high production value that does justice to them.

Diversity, inclusion and mentorship is at the core of how we manage and grow our talent pool.

We believe in constantly learning, innovating and bringing breakthrough ideas that can enhance story telling and fuel the imaginations of our viewers.